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Hobo Juice! Get down and dirty with the UK's favourite e-liquid brand!

Get down and dirty with the award winning Hobo Juice! A delicious new range of e-liquids creating a nationwide pandemic and taking unsuspecting vapers by storm!

Available in 7 seriously schizophrenic flavours, Hobo Juice is certain to leave you kicking and screaming for your next bottle.

You have been warned…

Join the Hobo in vanilla bliss with his spectacular Custard Queen e-liquid concoction! This British classic has been given the full Hobo treatment resulting in an insanely deep, thick, creamy custard flavour. All that’s missing in the cake!

This is one for the tart lovers out there! No more waiting round the back of the bakery for you! Doe Doe Nutz is a mental mix of deep fried doughnuts, sweet creamy strawberries and could be described as the breakfast of champions!

Introducing Jungle Jack, a tongue twisting blend of exotic melon, zingy kiwi & wild strawberry perfectly crafted to produce one seriously fruity vape. Full of flavour and sure to get you swinging from tree to tree!

The Hobo is flipping out over his latest creation. Named after an old cellmate, Lenny Dribz is a schizophrenic mix of tangy lemon sauce drizzled cake bites that will have you doing strange things for your next bottle. Lights out!

Escape the busy city streets and find a quiet underpass where nobody will bother you. Crack open a bottle of Malone e-liquid and let the fizzy honeydew melon flavours instantly transport you to your inner happy place.

After a long day hanging around the shopping centre shouting at random people, treat yourself to a bottle of Mangled Moe. Kick off your boots and chuck this scrummy fizzy ice mango mix into your tank to achieve vaping nirvana. 

After a long day of dumpster diving, nothing hit’s the spot quite like a bottle of Sticky Fingerz.  This seductive little number conveys deep confectionery tones finished with a big old dollop of ice cream for good measure!


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